The Grateful Tulip
All tulips stand tall and proud, reaching to touch the sky.  But sometimes, there's a tulip that would rather give a nod to the other tulips around it and appreciate sharing in everything it is experiencing.
Surround Yourself with Vibrance 
A wonderful scene of contradictions as a rusty, old tractor is surrounded by blooming, colorful flowers.  I'm so glad this tractor stopped where it did so these flowers could grow.
Cherry Blossom Delight 
Sometimes the best views occur when you decide to look up.
A Daffodil's View of Sunset  
Looking past the sea of yellow at the pattern in the sky, and a lonely tree waiting for warmer weather so that it can bloom in vibrant colors like these daffodils.
Dare To Be Different 
It's ok to be unique and stand out in a crowd. That's how you figure out who you truly are.
My Favorite Flower Colors
The purple iris, pink rose, and yellow daffodil represent some of the best flowers for vibrant colors.  Have you found the hidden bee in one of these images?
Trees Throughout the Seasons 
Images of trees to represent each season and to showcase the differences trees have throughout the year.  Starting with Spring with apple blossoms and a bee pollinating.  Summer shows the hot sun setting behind palm trees.  Fall is when trees show great color like red leaves.  And Winter when a tree has no more leaves but is replaced with snow on the branches and Christmas lights.
Plants Throughout the Seasons  
Images of plants to represent each season.  Starting with Spring with a bee pollinating a rhododendron.  Summer shows a green palm with shadows from other palm leaves.  In the Fall, an alumroot plant with raindrops on its leaves is a typical sight.  And Winter is not when you would expect to see flowers, but these camelias braved the snow and cold to bloom on the darkest days of the year.

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